Q. How do I subscribe to the newsletter?
Please follow this link and enter your e-mail address if you want to start receiving our daily newsletter!

Q. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Unsubscribing from our newsletter is very easy. Just follow the directions at the bottom of the newsletter. You will receive a remove confirmation once you have done this. Please make sure that the newsletter is from and not another fun page site. We are NOT affilated with "", "", and "" in ANY way. We always get a lot of people mixing up our site with others. For a sample newsletter from click here. To remove yourself from our mailings please follow this link.

Q. Is free?
Absolutely! Being on the mailing list and sending fun pages to your friends and family is 100% free so send often!

Q. I used to have a webmail address. Where did the login go?
We have removed the login for the webmail off the main page but your e-mail address is still fully active. Please follow this link and bookmark it for future logins.

Q. How can I contact
A. If your concern is about removing yourself off our e-mail list,  please read the first section of this page.
You contact us here with all other questions, comments, and concerns.


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