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Fad or Fact?

 It's true!
~ well, sorta ~

Recent news was reported that there is
a new "nutritional candy" in town.

Developed in North Korea, this chocolate treat is supposed to help increase height, weight and IQ. Claims state that unlike other sugar coated goodies, this nutritional candy is made of seaweed, beans, carrots and sesame seeds. YUM, right??

Hooray for Chocolate!

Well, think about it:

Chocolate must indeed be a veggie - chocolate is derived from cacao beans... beans are vegetables.

YES, chocolate contains sugar, BUT...
Sugar is derived from sugar cane or sugar beets. Both are plants. Plants are veggies too.

Chocolate is low in the "bad fat" - The main type of saturated fat in chocolate is stearic acid, which doesn't increase blood cholesterol levels. Thus, not a bad fat.

Chocolate contains catechins, which may help protect the body against degenerative illnesses like cancer.

Chocolate contains vitamin E which is essential for the integrity of cell membranes.

Chocolate contains Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium -- essential for strong bones and teeth.

Chocolate contains protein - needed for cell maintenance and repair


Chocolate candy bars, cake, ice cream, cookies, and many other yummy food products also contain milk, so see, chocolate MUST be good for you!


Chocolate IS truly fabulous!

I didn't want you to miss out on the opportunity to join this bandwagon... so now that ya know, go grab yourself some chocolate!

Make sure to tell everyone YOU know too. We don't want anyone to miss out on happy munching, now do we?

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